Shoe Addict

When you're an addict, you can't stop! And the worse addiction is that gravitational vice you don't ever want to stop doing.

Yes, you know you have a problem- You've come to grips with that ages ago. But you justify this "Quick Sandish" like absorption you're in with thoughts like- "But it makes me feel so can it be taboo?" Or- "it's not like I'm hurting anybody doing it!" And then it's that other ever so popular excuse- "I know plenty of other people who's doing it, & I ain't hardly as bad as any of them!"

Of course you're not, Hun...

Well I'm real with mine, & my drug of choice/ no scratch that- my crack happens to be Kute Kicks!

Whether they're the $20 jawns you can find at Payless, or them $6500 dollar joints with the bloodshot bottoms... I gotsta' have 'em!

I feel right at home in a jumpin' shoe store. The bright hues of warm Wedges, the flawless details of Fendi Flats, or the poignant perfection of a pricey pair of Pumps- Lawd have mercy, cause a child of God shouldn't be hooked on the world like this!

The smell of new shoes is a small taste of Heaven I get to enjoy while here on Earth. ( So I convince myself, anyway) I'm even careful not to wrinkle the cute little tissue papers commonly found in the box.

From the moment I enter the store, say hello, scope out a pair-or two-maybe 3, to handing over my AMEX- and the commute home to my drive in garage, I'm already projecting myself to that moment in time when I'll get to experience it all over again.

Every fiend anticipates his/her future fix!