Excessive is Her Behavior

Excessive Behavior is for the woman who unapologetically understands she deserves the absolute best! She is unafraid to create the lifestyle she envisions, and when something in her line of sight is worthy of being sought after —By nature she attains it. She’s a “Go Getter” conquering all in her path, and her chosen route is meticulously debugged and contemplated. Her awareness, her knowledge of both self, and her field of expertise coast at an all time high. She creates and sets a normalcy that perplexes her desire to be challenged, but still one she confidently maintains. The ability to bend reality toward the interest of her team is her truth and born identity. She encompasses a measure of wisdom to know she isn’t self made —But that she’s fluidly being crafted in the image of her sovereign and all sufficient Father. His will for her isn’t reduced to solely existing —But rather a life never devoid of abundance. And as result of His calling, her triumphs are Pressed Down, Shaken Together, and Running Over! More than enough is her birthright… Excessive is her behavior!!!